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The Infinitely More Podcast with Heather Heuman

May 12, 2020

Chris Rudolph holds a very special place in my mind when it comes to the work he does. Mainly, because he was the first business coach I hired. It was so refreshing to have a Jesus loving business leader as my coach and I learned so much from Chris. In today's epsiode Chris and I discuss a lot of things that may be on your mind right now as it relates to how to raise your prices with integrity.

And..Chris shares 9 questions you can ask yourself TODAY and you can easily assess if raising your prices is the best decision for your business.

Chris Rudolph is a husband, father of three and business coach for digital agency owners.

Although he calls Madison, Wisconsin his home base, Chris runs his business 100% remotely, which allows him and his family the freedom to travel the world and do mission work in places like Mexico, South America various islands in the Caribbean and Uganda.

He helps digital agency owners build their own Freedom Agency; the vehicle to grow their income, scale with a team, AND enjoy more time with their families.

He’s on a mission to see them achieve the freedom they dreamed of when they first started their that together, they can build thriving businesses and world-changing families!

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