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The Infinitely More Podcast with Heather Heuman

Dec 7, 2021

Have you begun using Instagram Reels?

Have you convinced yourself that dancing and lip syncing isn't for you?

If you have decided that Instagram Reels are not for you, I want you to tune into this episode.

Micro-video content (videos under 1 minute.....Instagram Reels) isn't going anywhere and social media platforms are favoring accounts that are utilizing this feature.

Tune into this episode as Chelsea Peitz shares with us best practices on using Instagram Reels. Chelsea has been using reels since it's inception in August 2021 and has been testing and trying different strategies. 

Meet Chelsea

I’m an internationally recognized real estate keynote speaker whose superpower is breaking down complex concepts into actionable, easy-to-execute social media strategies.

For over 7 years, I’ve taught the real estate community how to leverage social media and technology to build a powerful personal brand and develop content that generates real leads without feeling ‘salesy.’

I’m a frequent industry conference presenter and podcast guest whose signature style is to share actionable insights and tactical how-to’s rather than high-level fluff. Offering digestible step- by-step plans that empower agents develop a powerful personal brand that attracts their ideal audience.

For over two years, I’ve been producing The Voice of Social Sales podcast and launched my first book called Talking in Pictures, one of the few books about how camera-first platforms like Snapchat changed the way we build community through screens and how we communicate out brand. My latest book What to Post: How to Create Engaging Content That Builds Your Brand & Gets Results launched in February 2020 and is a #1 best seller in 6 different categories.

My most important role is being mom to Mason, wife to husband Brian and rescue-dog-mama to as many chihuahuas as possible. My favorite thing to do is wine-tasting in Napa (or anywhere with a vineyard!)