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Business Jesus and Sweet Tea: Heather Heuman chats w/ Michael Stelzner, Nicole Walters & more on Social Media Marketing

Jun 9, 2020

Jamie Cross is simply amazing and I am so honored to have her on today's episode of the podcast.

Jamie's episode is one we're pulling from the podcast vault! Her episode was one of the most downloaded and streamed episodes of the Business, Jesus, Sweet Tea podcast!

Jamie is a perfect example of having God be the center of your business and seeing how He moves when we give Him something to work with.

On today's episode, Jamie shares with us her mindset around money and how she has use the power of giving to increase and grow her business to 7-figures.

Jaime embarked on her entrepreneurial journey the next morning and after eight long years of trial and error.... and a lot of mistakes and tears... her multi seven figure company is one of the fastest growing organic skin care companies in the world. Jaime now stands at the forefront of business as a force for good, bridging her two empires, MIG and The HER Effect together to equip and surround women who are ready to rise. She is passionately paving the way for women to embody true beauty, pursue purpose, and embark on their own journey towards Becoming HER with profitability and a soul set on fire.

P.S. As a mother of four boys, unschooling, married for 16 years… she empowers from a place of no compromise and powerful truth. We have one life, and it’s time to stop putting a question mark where there belongs a period.

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