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The Infinitely More Podcast with Heather Heuman

Nov 30, 2020

My journey as a business owner hasn't always been an easy one or the conventional one. 

In 2014, I started out creating my first business in the town I was living in in Kentucky. From there, I started my current business, Sweet Tea Social Marketing. Both of these businesses started with a desire to make extra income for my family, whether it was for a vacation, extra spending money or whatever we needed at the time. As the years went by, the businesses grew to where I was eventually making six figures and contributing to more than just vacations and Christmas presents. I'm extremely grateful to say that these businesses, alongside my husband's business have allowed our family to purchase our dream home and for our kids to be in private, Christian education. I'm so grateful.

In today's episode, I'm sharing with you six things that I've learned over the years in business as I've grown to 6-figures.

Tune in to the episode to hear what I have to share with you today! 


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