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Business Jesus and Sweet Tea: Heather Heuman chats w/ Michael Stelzner, Nicole Walters & more on Social Media Marketing

Jan 26, 2021

I'm incredibly grateful for the journey God has had me on with my business. 

As we near the 200th episode, I'm reflecting on the past 3.5 years of our podcast and the honor I've had to sit and talk with some amazing people - Michael Stelzner, Nicole Walters, Mark Schaefer, Shane Sams and so many others. 

In this episode, we're going back into the vault to our very FIRST episode - number 00 - as I introduce the podcast for the very first time. Whether you've been with the podcast since the beginning, found us somewhere in the middle or are brand new to the Business, Jesus, Sweet Tea podcast, I hope you enjoy!

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