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Business Jesus and Sweet Tea: Heather Heuman chats w/ Michael Stelzner, Nicole Walters & more on Social Media Marketing

Apr 6, 2021

This episode with Troy Sandidge really hit the nail on the head for me. I love his C.L.O.V.E.R. framework - it's simple but powerful and I fully believe that anyone could apply these principles in their business and begin to thrive and have success.

Check out this episode and what Troy's framework is all about.

Troy Sandidge is a Growth Marketing Strategist (aka The Strategy Hacker™) with over 10 years of experience empowering brands to achieve next-level success, maximize revenue, increase brand authority, establish powerful social media communities, and skyrocket business growth through cutting-edge marketing strategies and social media solutions. His clients' results are over $100 million and his work portfolio includes Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small-Medium Businesses, Nonprofits, and Fortune 500 brands. Troy is the Founder of Strategy Hackers™, Host of the iDigress Podcast, and is the creator of the C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™ who also lives on Twitter.

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