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The Infinitely More Podcast with Heather Heuman

Apr 20, 2021

Race and racism has been at the forefront of the media for the last year. You can't avoid it, and we shouldn't. 

However.... as Christians - we do have a different perspective and walk with a different understanding knowing that Christ loves and died for every single person regardless of the color of their skin. God doesn't make mistakes and didn't when we created each person in the world differently. 

I love Toni's perspective that she shares here on the podcast that comes from a Biblical perspective and not what the media or 'thought leaders' are speaking.

Toni is an international Pro-Life speaker and the Founder of the Program, Relationships Matter. Toni shares her abortion story of regret with transparency while leaving her listeners with hope. Toni is the Minority Outreach and Healthy Relationship Director for Students for Life of America.

Toni has spoken alongside of Pro-Life advocate Stephanie Gray and Star Parker on a debate panel in Mexico. She also presented alongside Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther King, JR’s, niece) at the First National Pro-Life Summit after the 47th annual March for Life.

Toni holds a bachelor’s degree from West Chester University and her master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Summit University. She was the former Relationship Educator and Director of Relationship Education Program in the greater Philadelphia area for 6 years and has shared this program internationally in Africa and Israel.

Toni has been married to her wonderful husband Kris McFadden for 11 years and they have 4 beautiful children. She loves helping people see their worth and giving them hope through her own story, being an advocate for the unborn, being a stay at home mom, and spending time with her family.