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The Infinitely More Podcast with Heather Heuman

Sep 28, 2021

I'm so glad we were able to have Brian and Bill on the podcast to talk about using video in your marketing to tell powerful stories. While we believe that the question of whether or not you should utilize video is over (you should be using), the question is now whether or not you want to be using video well. And...

Sep 21, 2021

To everyone out there pursuing their dream of building a business that you LOVE that allows you to create the time freedom you desire and that allows you to be fully present to those in your life you love, I want to encourage you, KEEP GOING.

I just had my highest invoice of $27K invoice paid in full. Sent the invoice...

Sep 14, 2021

I am greatly inspired by Lisa's story. Here's a snippet :

"I was 7 years old when I decided that it wasn't safe to use my voice.

So I stopped. 

From as young as I can remember, my Dad and Mom fought which often resulted in her being sent to the hospital.  

It was not until I was in my 20's and in my career...

Sep 7, 2021

I love what I do. I love helping other Christian business owners and leaders thrive using the power of social media. If you feel that you are not using social media to the fullest you could be, I want to invite you to check out my 12 month social media mentorship program. 

Tune into this episode and head over to the...