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Business Jesus and Sweet Tea: Heather Heuman chats w/ Michael Stelzner, Nicole Walters & more on Social Media Marketing

Jul 20, 2021

Have you ever experienced the idea tornado? I'm sure you have.

You get ready to sit down to create content and you suddenly forget everything you know or wanted to do or the thought you had at the pool the other day but didn't write down. I know we've all been there. That's why I am excited about this podcast episode with Christa Hutchins as she shares this super practical idea of an idea capture system.

Christa Hutchins equips Christian communicators and leaders with project management and problem solving skills so they can turn their big ideas into a successful ministry or business. She is passionate about teaching women to find practical application of the Bible in their personal, professional and ministry lives through her coaching services at Do A New Thing and her podcast Just One Simple Thing.

If you found this podcast helpful and if you have done these suggested tips and found it to benefit you, would you let me know?

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