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The Infinitely More Podcast with Heather Heuman

Sep 21, 2021

To everyone out there pursuing their dream of building a business that you LOVE that allows you to create the time freedom you desire and that allows you to be fully present to those in your life you love, I want to encourage you, KEEP GOING.

I just had my highest invoice of $27K invoice paid in full. Sent the invoice Friday and paid in full Saturday by noon.

I share this because sometimes I even have a hard time believing this is truly possible although it is happening. In fact, I have found myself feeling frustrated because a part of my business wasn't growing like I was hoping it would.

As I sit down to do the math, I'm on track to have the best year yet in my business since we began in 2014 serving kingdom CEO's and business owners with social media strategies that focus on ORGANIC strategy.
That's good news. Yet I was finding myself constantly frustrated or feeling as if I was failing. Why? Because the 'thing' I wanted to work, just wasn't converting like we had visualized it would.

As a believer, I know in my gut that God calls us to show up and lead well in His strength, not our own. He calls us to seek Him and to fully lean into Him being the source of our focus and the strength for which we're relying upon daily.
And as much as I find myself telling my clients they need to be pliable in business. I found myself resistant in this one area.
After lunch with a wildly amazing friend last week, she pointed out that it might very well be pride that is preventing me from making the needed changes in my business.

OUCH! But after time praying, talking with my husband and actually looking at the numbers in my business. She's right.
I'm so excited for the doors that God is opening in my business. They are different doors than I had wanted. They are different doors than I was even pursuing. But, I'm seeing God give me the desires of my heart so that I can indeed be a digital missionary empowering leaders and companies that truly want to thrive in business so they can shine their light for Jesus.

I am so thankful to have a delightful team of people around me helping me on the journey -as well as friends and mentors that have encouraged me so much over the years. 
I am so excited to continue speaking on stages about organic social media strategies and relationship marketing through stellar content and video.
I love the done for you work our team is doing to help brands with custom social media strategy creation.