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The Infinitely More Podcast with Heather Heuman

Oct 26, 2021

Leaving a legacy and inheritance behind for our children is something many, if not all, of us desire. That requires us to build - whether it be financial, spiritual, etc. I loved sitting down with Gretchen Heinen as she shares about overcoming mindset limitations that can keep us from being able to build the kind of wealth needed to have impact, give back and leave a legacy. Gretchen also shares 4 additional tips that include getting rid of generational hinderances, leveling up your relationships and more. 

Gretchen Heinen calls faith-led women higher, together, to support and hit business goals by getting their business organized, legitimized and scalable.

She is a leader in the International health community, Find Your Fit where thousands of people come to rebalance their physical health naturally so they can show up their most productive selves.

She is the founder of Net Worth It Podcast and School, the leading faith-based business school to turn ideas into legacy businesses and overcome financial limiting beliefs.

She is also a foster, bio and step-mom and believes that love, not DNA, defines family. She allows God to lead her businesses and believes our true potential unleashes when we take our spiritual callings and execute on them.

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