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Business Jesus and Sweet Tea: Heather Heuman chats w/ Michael Stelzner, Nicole Walters & more on Social Media Marketing

May 18, 2021

We are celebrating our 200th episode of the podcast! I seriously cannot believe we've made it this far but I am grateful for this journey and getting to show up each week with special guests providing great content for you. 

I'm very excited to share with you 15 tips from experts and influencers in the social media space. I asked them to give me 1 thing that they would want to shout from the rooftops concerning social media. 

We hear from Mark Schaefer, Heather Mykelgaard, Roshanda Pratt, Pete Socks, Dustin Stout, Dr. Jen Bennett, Michael Stelzner, Robert Caruso, Dave Scott, Kelly Roach, Owen Hemsath, Katie Lance, Steph Hermansen and Anita Albert Watson.

Thanks to all of YOU for tuning in each week and continuing to make this podcast a success.

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